Yakima Adventist Healthy Lifestyle

Adventist Healthy Lifestyle Series                                  

We believe that God plans for us to have healthy bodies, strong minds and a Spiritual connection with Him and that He has given us health principles that will make this possible. Our classes teach scientifically proven and published principles of health that have been shown to increase lifespan by 10 years! We do not sell anything; we do not promote any "health products." These classes are for your education only.

To learn more, please go to healthyyakima.com, visit our Facebook page, or contact Debbie at the office of Richard Sloop, M.D. (509) 452-1234.

Vegetarian Cooking School and Lifestyle Class: March – May (9 weeks) –A cooking school with nightly cooking demonstrations, food samples, nutrition and health lectures and spiritual principles for better health.

Guard Your Heart: September – November (10 weeks) – A seminar on heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure which includes screening blood work, fitness testing, body fat measurements, weight, blood pressure and waist to hip ration measurments at the beginning and again at the end of the seminar. Physical, mental and spiritual health is covered in the lectures each evening.

Positive Choices: January – March (9 weeks) – A seminar focusing on the other most common disease Americans suffer from (after heart disease and diabetes) – including cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, osteoporosis and arthritis coupled with some of the often misunderstood Bible teachings about salvation, the end of the world, life after death, and Bible prophecy.