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His Journey Sermon Series

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A teaching series on the Life of Jesus Christ, with practical applications for living in the 21st century. Includes music, mini-dramas, a weekly children’s story, and  complimentary vegetarian luncheons.

Jesus is the center of Christianity. Everything we do, who we are is about Him. Therefore it is our goal to focus on Jesus life so that we can understand how we are to live abundantly in the 21st century. 

Follow along each week, read the stories, contemplate His life, and dare to be like Jesus.

December 11
        Sermon: Gift of a Lifetime
        Text: Luke 2:12-14, 25-32
        Dare to be Like Jesus:  Spend time each morning worshiping the the King of Kings. 
        Drama: Emanuel
        Story: The appearance of Christ in the Old testament
        Text: Genesis 18; 32:22-32; Exodus 14:19-31; Daniel 3;
        Dare to be Like Jesus: Set aside a couple hours of your week to spend with someone who needs your time. 
        Sermon: Birth of a King
        Story: The Birth of Christ
        Text: Luke 2, Matthew 1:18-2:23
        Dare to be Like Jesus:  God is with us! This week spend one hour with someone who needs your time.
        Sermon: The Lamb Slain
        Story: Jesus as a child and his first Passover.
        Text: Luke 2:41-52
        Dare to be Like Jesus: Pray through Luke 2:41-49 & 23:26-42. Each morning kneel and invite Jesus to be the Lamb slain for your sin - your sacrifice and Savior.
        Sermon: Live by the Sword
        Story: Baptism of Christ & the Temptation of Jesus
        Text: Mathew 3:11- 4:11, Hebrews 4:12
        Dare to be Like Jesus: Memorize a fighting text that addresses a weak point in your life and use it when temptation arises.
January 15
        Sermon: Reconnecting Ministeries
        Speaker: Paul Richardson
        Story: The Prodigal Son
        Dare to be Like Jesus: Visit someone who has not come to the church in a long time.
January 22
        Sermon: Thirst Quencher
        Story: Discussion with Nicodemus and Samaritan Woman
        Text: John 3:5-8, 14-18; 4:13-14
        Dare to be Like Jesus: On your knees, pray each day this week for personal spiritual revival and filling with the Holy Spirit.
January 29
        Communion Sabbath
        Sermon: The Year of the Lord's Favor
        Story: Jesus Rejected at Nazareth
        Text: Luke 4:16-30
        Dare to be Like Jesus: Prayerfully write out a personal mission plan for this year. What is Jesus calling you to do? How are you going to make time for it? What is your number one priority?
February 5
        Sermon: 10,000 Mouths
        Story: Feeding of the 5000
        Text: Matthew 14:13–21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
February 12
        Sermon: 70 Evangelists
        Story: First evangelist sent out
        Text: Luke 10:1-23
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
February 19
    Sermon: Raging Calm
        Story: Demoniacs and calming the sea
        Text: Matthew 8:28-34, Mark 5:1-20, Luke 8:26-39
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
February 26
        Sermon: Who am I
        Story: Peters Confession of Christ
        Text: Mark 8:27-38
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
March 5
        Sermon: The First Stone
        Story: Adulterous Woman Freed
        Text: John 8:1-11
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
March 12
        Sermon: Unseeing Eyes
        Story: Blind man healed
        Text: John 9
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
March 19
        Sermon: Never Forgotten
        Story: Mary washes Jesus feet
        Text: Mark 14:3-9
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
March 26
        Sermon: Triumphant Returns
        Story: Triumphal Entry, Second Coming
        Text: Matthew 21:1-11; 24-25:13
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
April 2
        Sermon: The Captive 3rd Angel
        Story: Jesus tested
        Text: Matthew 22: 34-46, Revelation 14:12
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
April 9
        Sermon: You will do Greater Things
        Story: Teachings of the Last supper
        Text: John 14-17
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
April 16
        Sermon: Flesh and Blood
        Story: The Last Supper
        Text: Luke 22:1-38; John 13
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA
April 23
        Drama: Journey to the Cross
        Story: Garden, Cross, Tomb
        Text: John 18 -21; Matthew 26:47 - 28:20; Mark 14:43-16:20; Luke 22:47-24:50
        Dare to be Like Jesus: TBA