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Hey Crossover Kids Parents,

It is hard for me to say. But my job load has become to much for me to
continue on organizing and running Crossover Kids in its current
format and structure. My goal for your kids was to give them a taste
of what art is, how to tell stories, and give them the tools to
perform well before and audience.

Your kids have really started to learn to appreciate the art of
storytelling. This shows in the script that the kids have largely came
up with on their own during class. It is sad that we want get to see
them perform it, but  I will give them a copy to take home with them
this coming Tuesday the last day of our afternoon class.

It was a joy to see your kids shine in their Christmas performance and
I hope they can continue on with the skills and passion for
storytelling. But I cannot foster this creativity alone and need your

This is why I am specifically inviting you and your kids to join in
our Easter Musical Production Journey to the Cross. There are parts
that I am thinking of specifically for the Crossover Kids.

This productions very family friendly and will allow parents and kids
of all ages  to join in together in working on the wonderful story of
Christ's life, death, and resurrection. My hope is this will take the
place of Crossover Kids - still allowing them to perform and be
involved in drama.
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Director: Joseph Radelfinger

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