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Yakima Young Adults

We are young adults ages 18-35 who are looking for a place to grow into the person we were created to be. Seeking a safe environment to connect with others and develop bonds so that we can merge together as the body of Christ. And finding outlets to actively serve others in the way God has called us to.


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Saturday at 9:45am in the Upper Room (the balcony.) What is the point of life? What is our purpose here? How does God and His Word fit in with my life? For bible study schedule click here
UPCOMING EVENTS: For Yakima Young Adults

Adventism's Greatest Need Vespers @Joe's House

Sunday April 27, 12:30 pm
Potluck @ Church - Bring a dish
Sunday April 15, 7- 9:00 pm
Basketball @ YACS Gym
Sunday April 22, 7- 9:00 pm
Basketball @ YACS Gym

Sunday May 5, 6 - 8:30 pm
Church Family Fun Night @ Yacs Gym 
Bring the whole family, basketball, volleyball, board games, card games, food!

Crossover productions is a group of young adults who get together once a week to plan and film short spiritual movies. All are welcome to join in. The films are posted on youtube along with a weekly updates for Young Adults in the Yakima Valley. For more info